Product Description

We are supplier of Hanyoung Nux Products in India.We keep Most of the Hanyoung Nux Running Model in stock.

Hanyoung Temperature controller

 ã†       Programmable

ㆍ        PID

ㆍ        General type

ㆍ        Special purpose

ㆍ        Indicator

ㆍ        others

 Hanyoung Recorder

ㆍ        Multi Channel

ㆍ        Single Channel

 Hanyoung Counter / Timer

ㆍ        Counter & Timer

ㆍ        Digital Counter

ㆍ        Timer

 Hanyoung Panel meter

 ã†       Digital

ㆍ        Multi-function

 Hanyoung Sensor / Encoder

ㆍ        Proximity sensor

ㆍ        Connector cable

ㆍ        Photo sensor

ㆍ        Fiber unit

ㆍ        Area sensor

ㆍ        Sensor controller

ㆍ        Rotary encoder

 Hanyoung TPR/SSR/SMPS

 ã†       Thyristor Power Regulator

ㆍ        Solide State Relay

ㆍ        Power supply

 Hanyoung Push button switch & display light

 ã†       Control switch

ㆍ        Combination display light

 Hanyoung Limit / Micro switch

 ã†       Limit switch

ㆍ        Micro switch

 Hanyoung Power / Main / Cam switch

 ã†       Power switch

ㆍ        Main switch

ㆍ        Cam switch

 Hanyoung Hoist / Foot / Mono Lever switch

 ã†       Hoist switch

ㆍ        Foot switch

ㆍ        Mono lever switch

 Hanyoung Sign Tower / Signal light

 ã†       Sign tower

ㆍ        Turn light

ㆍ        Warning light

 Hanyoung Buzzer / Terminal block / Other

 ã†       Buzzer

ㆍ        Terminal block

ㆍ        Fuse holder

ㆍ        Control box

ㆍ        Cable Locker

ㆍ        Assembly Terminal Block

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